Strongly condemn the attack on ISF Karachi Tigers by Jamiat & Pakhtoon student federation in Federal Urdu University Karachi. Rehmat swati & shoaib seriously injured .Both org want us not to launch unit in institution. InshaAllah ISF will continue work with same spirit to get institutions free from culprit Mafias & to promote Justice Knowledge Tolerance all around. We will keep moving with slogan MOHABBAT FATEH AALAM. Says Arsalan Chaudery President ISF Pakistan

At this point I want to mention that ISF is the only students political movement in Pakistan which do not believe in violence, its completely unarmed, believes in Quaid & Iqbal’s Pakistan and follow the great leader Imran Khan. Imran Khan always discouraged students to use any sort of violence and always encouraged them to spread the message of change and justice in Pakistan peacefully. On the other side, PSF, MSF, Jamiat, and all other student wings of political party carry weapons, are involved in different sorts of crimes and create problems for students in universities and colleges.