CPEC contracts and records burnt to ashes in Islamabad yesterday. The building burnt for hours and no high-level government official came on the scene in the heart of red zone Islamabad. The fire started at 8 AM in the offices of federal tax ombudsman in Awami Markaz building. It was heart-wrenching to see two men losing their lives named Ali Raza and Umer when jumped from the fourth floor. It was recorded on camera and the video went viral online. We will not share it here, it’s very painful to watch.

Dr. Shahid Masood reveals sensitive CPEC documents destroyed in the fire


Senior media anchor Dr. Shahid Masood said sensitive CPEC contracts and record is also burnt in this fire. Although government officials are denying it and claiming CPEC records to be safe, we doubt it. This is not the first time that critical government records burnt mysteriously destroying all financial records. We have seen Ramzan Sugar Mills records burn, Metro record burn in LDA plaza Lahore, Nandipur record, and ECP records burn as well.

Obviously when all the record is turned into ashes who is going to find any evidence out of it. But the truth will reveal itself sooner or later and the nation will find out how the protectors of the nation looted and burnt records.

We are sharing some links to similar incidents in the past. This is not a coincidence.

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