You would often hear from Pmln spokespersons blaming dictators for all the crisis Pakistan is facing. Also accusing military establishment backing PTI and judiciary in cases against Sharif family after Sharif family concealed assets were exposed in Panama Leaks.

I am a supporter of Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf and obviously I stand for democracy but real one. PTI is the only party which has never been a part of any dictatorship. Mr. Bhutto, Nawaz Sharif and Altaf Hussain are among many who were introduced in politics by military dictators.

Pakistan is fighting the war of its existence since 1947. Quaid e Azam warned about grave dangers we face as our enemies want to eliminate us. After Quaid we had a gap in the civilian leadership and military establishment took control several times ever since. We do not want to go into details in the past but just want to make a few points to understand what really is keeping Pakistan backward.

If I have to pick any one, then generals did a much better job than so called public leaders who did nothing but filling their own bank accounts.

Have you ever seen a Zia ul Haq bridge or Musharraf airport? But you would see hospitals to toilets, roads, bridges, airports, universities built with public money and named after corrupt politicians. Trillions from public funds are spent on their self promotion.


They were not satisfied with this and Benazir Income Support program was launched. It’s on record that locals in Sindh voting for PPPP because they have Benazir Card and just for Rs. 500 per month they would keep criminals in power. Is this not a bribe with state money? Instead of fixing the problems for public they are paying Rs. 500 to make sure they vote for them. Dictators might have made mistakes and wrong decisions or the wrong policy but they did not plunder state funds like these politicians do. If I have to compare the two, I would go for the dictator’s rule, not how and why they got into power, but during their rule management of the country was better than so called politicians. The biggest question mark on the dictators is the gift to the nation of Nawaz Sharif and Altaf Hussain. These politicians are working like dictators. Their family limited parties are not democratic itself.



Two wrongs don’t make a right

Without going into a debate of the past we want to prepare for the challenges Pakistan is facing. There is no time for a civil military divide and there should be simply one agenda. Rule of Law for Everyone. No one should be able to use the Law as per their convenience when in Power. Good thing about Nawaz Sharif accountability is that it’s happening in his own government. He can’t play the victimization card. Real victim is Pakistan of the hideous crimes of Sharif family and other rulers who looted as they pleased. As far as Pakistan Army is concerned, they are Pakistan’s army and we are proud of them. Right or wrong they made a decision for Pakistan. Simply not comparable to these fake degree holder corrupt clowns in the parliament just lying all the time.

Pakistan needs the real democracy where the people are empowered and they make the decisions of the country. Where government officials, politicians, armed forces and everyone else works under the law. The nation stands united and that will make us what Quaid-e-Azam wanted. That is Imran Khan’s mission to make Naya Pakistan, Quaid-e-Azam ka Pakistan.

Some thoughts by Bilal