Sharifs decided to appeal  in supreme court to take the decision back and, guess what? They said, he will remain disqualified, they have been hiding their assets from them and misleading them, this case made Nawaz Shareef to get into trouble more, they wanted the spilled milk back into the box again but guess what the spilled milk cant get back into the box again, so the supreme court decided to take this matter in details for that they called Maryam, Hassan , Hussain and Nawaz Shareef has been called to appeal in court to clarify their flag ship investment case in UK on 18th Sept, but according to them they have no assets in UK neither in Pakistan, it is for sure that they have been lying through out that they were disqualified on basis of iqama and not getting money from his son.

Sheikh Rasheed always makes it short, simple and sweet! checkout his tweet :)

Although we are not the experts on the law. We noticed if you read carefully the original Panama decision of all the five honorable judges. You will come to know that the decision by the five judges is well integrated, if one judge talked about a certain issue, the next would address something different about the case. Means all of them are not pointing on the same issue. All together it makes a complete decision, covering all aspects of the case. As the first two judges already decided on Nawaz to be dismissed from the PM Office on his lies, concealment of assets, and misguiding the court. The other three then went further with JIT report and other aspects such as Akama, and other evidence collected by the JIT.

PMLN policy to lie all the time is failing badly

Just look at the angle that PM Pakistan was also employed by his own son. What does that implicate? Actually, all businesses owned by Sharif kids are actually funded by Nawaz and everything was concealed until Panama Leaks arrived. All factories were in loss, bank defaulted, yet the kids managed to buy luxurious flats in London they couldn’t afford.

Nawaz can keep 10k dirhams and return the 3000 crore rupees looted from Pakistan

The point is not Akama or Panama – Point is Sharifs have to return the looted wealth and they were just trying to take a cover behind Akama that Nawaz is disqualified for Akama and not on corruption. That’s the stance they took, another lie and sheer propaganda to malign the supreme court.

Currently, according to Mr Fawad Chaudhry, he says that “papa”, “papu” and all the “paisa” will come back home. We should not rest here and take next steps to return the looted wealth of Pakistan to its poor people.

Fawad Ch. Media Talk outside Supreme Court


Usman Saeed Basra Review of the Review Petition in Supreme Court