All those who participated in these elections know that a large majority of the people who never voted before came out to vote and change Pakistan. But unfortunately the status-quo forces did not accept the public mandate and the results were changed altogether in the night. The results from various polling stations were delayed for more than 24 hours. Police, Election Commission Staff, and Army, none of them were able to stop the rigging. In fact in most cases, the ECP and police were partners in this crime against democracy in Pakistan.

However we realize now that Imran Khan’s message has reached to the masses and we were able to secure some seats at least all over Pakistan. This proves that PTI is the most powerful upcoming political force in Pakistan. The resilience, passion, and dedication of Pakistani youth is our hope for a new Pakistan under the leadership of Imran Khan.

PTI continues to protest peacefully, raise our voice against the gigantic rigging in General Elections 2013. As Khan Sahab stated many times, greatness can not be achieved with shortcuts and we are fully committed to work hard for our great country and the people.