First of its kind political event in the history of Pakistan

Imran Khan’s discussion with Veterans on local and international politics and policies Pakistan needs to adopt to get out of the crisis and change its course from destruction to prosperity.

Large number of veterans and members of Insaf Professionals Forum were gathered today in PC Lahore for a special evening with the Chairman PTI Imran khan discussing the situation of Pakistan and future plans.

An evening with Veterans – Event Highlights


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Lieutenant General (retired) Ghulam Mustafa put forward the concerns and questions of the veterans for Imran Khan. He credited Imran Khan for becoming the hope for the nation and that he has encouraged non-political people to come forward and participate in Pakistani politics. His key concerns were the threats Pakistan is facing from India and how Pakistan can secure its position in CPEC along with relationships with Iran, Russia, America and other stakeholders in the region. The veterans were interested to know Imran Khan’s ideology, solutions and vision to take out Pakistan from the crisis its facing on all fronts.

After the questions from General sahab, Khan Sahab came on dice and addressed the audience. His key point was to look back and find out the reason and mission of our great founders before we can decide what to do.

“Without economic freedom Pakistan can not make an independent foreign policy. Imran Khan

We will have to work for the common people and make Pakistan a welfare state. Only by investing in our people we can build a nation. We have not yet become a nation and our enemies are trying to divide us in Shia Sunni wars. Khan Sahab further said that only by uniting, and equipping our population we can fight corruption, poverty and crime.

Khan Sahab also congratulated in advance for upcoming Panama Case decision by the Supreme Court.

“This Panama Case is just a beginning of a large scale movement to crush corruption in Pakistan. Imran Khan

Imran Khan complete speech