You can not silence our voices for accountability says PTI Leaders Faisal Vawda and Imran Ismail after a failed target killing attempt in Karachi

Faisal Vawda Video Message to PTI Supporters

Fisal Vawda and Imran Ismail were targeted when they were returning from NAB office offering evidences of some major corruption cases. Masked gunmen opened fire on the car near Delhi Colony.

Later along with PTI Leadership both Mr. Vawda and Imran Ismail said they will not stop the struggle for justice & accountability and know who is trying to stop them. Life and death is in the hands of Allah and they will follow the example of their leader Imran Khan and are ready to give their blood for Pakistan.

Faisal Vawda stated he knows who is targetted them and they will not file an FIR against unknown attackers.