Although PTI had staged a long dharna in Islamabad, our workers were arrested, police used brutal force in Islamabad, petrol pumps were closed, and what not. Still, hundreds of thousands came out in Lahore when Imran Khan gave a call for shutdown to rebuild Pakistan. People came out because they are tired and fed up of these old corrupt political system and looking at Imran Khan as their savior. PTI struggled for years in the courts and election commission tribunals, no one helped them. Government never offered any audit of the election or a re-election. In fact, whenever a decision against PMLN arrived, they got a stay order from higher court.

While on the other side, look at all these parties united in KPK against PTI. And Can’t even bring out more than 2 dozen people. Public simply and clearly rejected these old parties. Imran Khan even offered them a reelection and investigations into election rigging. But they are not listening and their agenda is only to create fuss in the region. But seems like nothing is helping them. Finally the gods of KPK politics are buried.