We all have been hearing about the horrific stories of Blue Whale game users committing suicide. Game users giving messages to other people to not play the game as it can be really dangerous for them. We have been thinking about it how it is possible to get into the minds of the users with a game.

Do not install Blue Whale game in the first place!

We didn’t have to work hard and we concluded the game is a scam and when we install a game or an application on our smart phone we give the game access to our data, SMS, and other social media applications. Using that access the administrators hiding behind the game sneak into your private life and that’s how they start to engage you and blackmail you. So the conclusion is to never install doubtful applications and use only authenticated apps having a good reputation. We have also heard about other games and mobile apps being used to spy its users. So be careful what you are installing on your smart phone.

So we recommend everyone to not even install this game to experiment or have a look. As soon as you install the game you give your private life in the hands of the game owners who then setup an evil plan based on your lifestyle and private data.