Khan Sahab you are successfully doing what nobody has done before. First time in the history PTI is conducting party elections from the grass root level to the position of party Chairman. 7 million party members are voting to elect 80 thousand PTI office bearers. All systematic, transparent and open for anyone to contest and be a part of it. It was an impossible task for many experts of the field, but Khan Sahab as per his track record proved critics wrong.

PTI today is becoming Pakistan’s first largest truly democratic party. This is just because of the vision, dedication and hard work of Khan Sahab and his teams. With HIS grace Allah (SWT) HAS blessed our country, another great visionary leader. Khan Sahab can take the best decisions for our nation, and thats all we need.

PTI Lahore Stands United After Party Elections

Now its time for all PTI members, supporters and well wishers to team up and together we shall build a new Pakistan with Imran Khan! InshaAllah