Khan Sahab proved his mettle in 126 days of omnipotence, facing extreme weather and conditions in the open, tear gas shelling, hurdles and what not. Dharna was shattered with shocking and unbearable tragedy of APS children. It was decided to end Dharna for the safety of the nation and let the nation handle the grim situation. As expected PMLN took its advantage and started to spread rumors of a deal with Imran Khan. Despite the setback of ending Dharna without achieving its main targets, Imran Khan kept progressing against PMLN lies and organized propaganda. He appeared in courts, pursed his case and now finally he has got a verdict for NADRA verification of all the NA122 votes. It seems like although slow we are reaching our target to hold criminals accountable for election rigging.

It was not easy and we are impressed with Khan like always. He is surely unbelievable and we have got the indications from him to be back on streets again for justice and accountability. Faisal Javed Khan also tweeted about container getting back on streets some days ago.

We shall keep coming back with more power and free this nation from the corruption mafia.

Get Ready For Dharna

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