Ever since Imran Ismail and Faisal Javed Khan announced Amir Liaquat joining PTI, a debate started in PTI supporters if he should be a part of PTI or not. Insafians were divided on this issue as a large number of people were strongly opposing Amir Liaquat joining PTI. A few even announced to leave the party if Amir Liaquat is to join it. Some were also in favor of him to join PTI and he could be a good spokesperson to handle propaganda specialists of PMLN and other like-minded parties.

Amir Liaquat did not show up at the press conference today and said it’s his own decision when and what to do. Someone said Amir Liaquat is trying to break a deal with PTI and maybe is asking for a prominent position? It could also be a result of PTI supporters reaction on social media on his joining news.

Amir Liaquat’s complicated response



Whatever the case is we think its a non-issue and we should leave this debate and focus on productive issues.

Here are some tweets regarding the issue