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Government is not helping IDPs of Waziristan War

Imran Khan while speaking in a press conference a while ago stated the poor conditions of the internally displaced people of Waziristan. Imran Khan also visited IDP camps in Banu earlier and met with the displaced people there and learned about the problems they are facing.

Imran Khan Press Conference Video Recording

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Some key statements from Imran Khan’s press conference are as under:

  • Imran Khan stressed that the gov must help them move out from the war zone to IDP camps.
  • Khan Sahab said that almost 600 thousand people are displaced and they do not have the means to travel and lack of food & water.
  • Sindh and Punjab govs should not block the IDPs and should help in this difficult time.
  • Central Gov should pay Rs. 6 billion to KPK for supporting the IDPs
  • Operation should be paused for the civilians to evacuate the war zone

About Gov crack down on PAT leadership in Pakistan, Imran Khan said tha the Gov is scared from PAT movement against corruption and they are illegally arresting PAT workers.

Tweets About Imran Khan Visiting IDP Camp at BANU

    • Mian Tariq
    • June 23, 2014

    PLMN creating problems for KPK government, army chief seems part of this new game.

    • Rafaqat Jadoon
    • June 23, 2014

    عوام دشمن سیاست دان اور میڈیائی دہشت گرد جو آپریشن کی حمایت میں بڑھ
    چڑھ کر بول رہے تھے اُن کو زمین نگل گئی یا ڈالر کھا گیا اب ان متاثرین
    وزیرستان کے لئے آواز کیوں نہیں اُٹھاتے؟

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