Hamza Ali Abbasi is a PTI (Imran Khan) loyalist and that’s no secret at all. In fact, in a recent conversation with Hamza, we asked him if he sees Imran Khan as Pakistan’s next Prime Minister and here’s what he had to say.

“I sure hope so,” Hamza replied. “If not, it’ll be tragic for us.” He’s always been vocal about corruption in the country and nothing being unlikely in Pakistani politics. So, when news broke of Imran Khan welcoming Amir Liaquat to the party, we just had to know how Hamza felt about it.

“Well… It’s tragic that a man like Amir Liaquat has become part of Imran Khan’s team,” Hamza spoke exclusively to Something Haute a while ago, as he was making his way to Gaddafi Stadium for the PSL match. “But still, with all his good and bad decisions, Imran Khan stays by far the best option Pakistan has,” he added, still having faith in PTI and his leader.



In a press conference in Karachi, Khan said,

“We welcome Amir into the party, these are the last six months before the elections and we want people to join our political campaign.”

He defended Amir’s previous remarks regarding the party saying,

“I believe that people change for the better. As long as people are trying to be better than before each day, they should not be questioned about the things they said in the past.”

As for Amir Liaquat, he described this position as “the last stop” in his career.