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20th May, Sunday Rawalpindi, ISF held its first event to launch the PTI Membership Drive in Pindi/Islamabad. A large number of PTI supporters were present at the event and registered as a volunteer to help ISF register maximum number of PTI Members. Haroon-ur-Rashid and Mubashar Lucman were the chief guests at the event.

 Addressing at the event Haroon ur Rashid expressed that today he wants to discuss in detail about Imran Khan, Pakistan & Islam. He said after more than a decade today he want to share a lot of secrets from his journey with Imran Khan as a friend. He discussed about the habits and traits of Imran Khan similar to Quaid-e-Azam and a few points where Imran Khan is different than Quaid.

Haroon Sahab gave references from the Quran and Hadis and explained from the history of Islam. He talked about attributes of a leader and said that Zardari and Nawaz like people are not leaders.

It is approximately 1 hour of speech filled with valuable information for all Pakistanis.