The protest by the PTI voters in DHA Ghazi Chowk Lahore was a remarkable effort and it proved that those who never took part in politics have now stepped up for Pakistan with Imran Khan. Thousands of PTI voters of NA125 came out against Khawaja Saad Rafiq’s rigging and protested peacefully at Ghazi Chowk for 9 days! There were elders, children, women and youth who stayed there for days to protest against the corruption in General Elections. Victory of PTI was very obvious in NA125 even before the elections when the roads of DHA were filled with PTI cars and flags. We saw similar scenes at the polling stations when a clear clear majority of the voters standing in the lines for hours were voting for PTI. Voters were wearing PTI flags, badges, stickers and were dominating the polling stations.

PTI leadership including Imran Khan himself thanked and praised the great efforts of NA125 voters to stand for their right to vote. If we all stand for our rights, no one can take them away. However there is a lot to be done and we need to reorganize and strengthen each other to secure our rights in the future. This one protest has given a lot of hope to the whole party and the supporters that PTI will not stay silent over the wrongdoings of the status-quo