The final Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is not only the leader and guide for the whole Muslim Ummah but also for the whole mankind. Being a Muslim it’s our responsibility to portray the true image of Islam and the Prophet (PBUH) with our actions. Before finding a solution, first we need to understand the problem. By hurting each other we are failing completely as an Ummah.

If we research we will find out that these blasphemous contents published in France is not a random act. It’s planned to enrage Muslim communities around the world and cause unrest & violence to protray Muslims as extremists. It is done under the slogan of “Freedom of Speech” by the enemies of Islam and our Prophet (PBUH).

It’s our right and duty being a Muslim to condemn, and protest to raise our voice against this heneous crime of trying to mock God’s last Prophet (PBUH). But doing so we can not and should not cause trouble or hurt our own people and state.

We are thankful to Allah for giving us a true leader when we needed one most. He is not here to rule us but to serve Allah and His Prophet (PBUH). The words he said at the 14th OIC summit came out of his heart and he pointed to the right solution. Only with diplomatic relations and unity among the Muslim countries, we can make European Union put a stop legally to publish any blasphemous contents.

Imran Khan taking real steps to put a stop to blasphemy of our holy Prophet SWS

Imran Khan Said

I always pictured that one day I would be speaking at this summit, and I always promised myself that whenever I got this opportunity, I would raise the first and foremost the most important question about whenever in the Western countries people blaspheme or Prophet peace be upon him. I always felt that the response from the Muslim Ummah the OIC, I always felt it was lacking, and therefore I wanted to use this platform that the OIC owes a responsibility. Us heads of the States. We have a responsibility to the Muslim world when anyone in the Western world blaspheme our Prophet, peace be upon him. It is a failure of the OIC that we have not been able to explain to the Western countries that the love and affection that we feel for a Holy Prophet that how he lives in our hearts. It was up to us to explain to the Western people that the amount of pain they cause us when they ridicule or mock our Holy Prophet. And we must know that in the West people do not treat religion the way we Muslim. The Muslim world treats Islam. We live our religion in the Western world. They have a completely different attitude to the way they approach religion. And so therefore on this. Mr Chairman, I would like to say from this platform that we must in the forums like the United Nations forums like the European Union, we must explain to them that they cannot hurt the sentiment of 1.3 billion people under the garb of freedom of expression.