Those who looted Pakistan give us the message that its routine and that’s the way things are done in Pakistan. Everyone loots and its a part of politics. When Imran Khan said he will change it all. His opponents said he is not a politician and can never succeed. Yet with his simplicity, honesty, and dedication, he is proving all opponents wrong. Now he is on the brink to free this country from the most crooked political elite looting the nation from 50 years.

Khan is the focal point in Pakistan politics

Imran Khan has now become the focal point of Pakistan politics. Hope for the nation and a nightmare for his corrupt political opponents. He has awakened the youth. The Pakistanis who were once disconnected from national politics are now getting involved. Only because of Imran Khan and the conditions of the country.

A great leader, teacher, and motivator

Imran Khan leads from the front, teaches others with his own example. He is setting high standards for future politics in Pakistan. Many times we got tired of the endless struggle but Imran Khan showed us great determination. There is no better example of not giving up than Imran Khan. He achieved all in his life with his own efforts and relied on Allah for the outcome. He is a natural winner.

The future is bright with Imran Khan

Some might still not take Imran Khan seriously because of the propaganda against him. Thinking he can not succeed in Pakistan but we would like to ask them to think again. He has already achieved so much that we are sure he will finish what he started 20 years ago. InshaAllah.

He will help the nation regain its self-esteem and confidence to achieve big goals. Unite the scattered and divided people to form a nation ready to defeat all enemies. It’s a dream to see Pakistan as one of the best countries in the world. It was the dream of Quaid and Iqbal. Imran Khan will make this dream a reality and everyone must contribute. Not for Imran Khan but for better future of our next generations.