Hopeless, disassociated youth finally found hope and a way to work for Pakistan with Imran Khan. Imran Khan brought millions of nonpolitical youth into active politics and we are observing this for the first time in Pakistan politics that a leader is being celebrated and followed everywhere and by all means by young, old, rich and poor alike.

People are using PTI colors, flags, slogans and wearing Imran Khan clothing to show their support for change in Pakistan. Imran Khan without a doubt has become a fashion symbol for change in Pakistan.

It started with Karma Imran Khan kurtas before general elections 2013 which spread like a fever and were sold in large numbers. Later a number of people have launched Imran Khan prints on T-Shirts, Kurtas, Jackets, Bags, and more.

iSupportPTI team has launched two Kurta designs, Imran Khan Fusion Print and Imran Khan Shaheen. Both are originally designed by us as well as printed on high quality fabric. They are available only at our online store. We launched IK Fusion Kurta a few weeks ago and it has been very successful. We launched Imran Khan Shaheen design today on Iqbal’s day.

We need to revive, and get back to our roots. We need to study and spread the message of Iqbal. Imran khan is doing just the same, the message is same. Its of peace, love and sacrifice. Its all about Islam which is all about humanity.

Don’t forget all these clothes are not prepared by PTI or the gov of PTI in KPK. We look forward to your feedback and InshaAllah we will leave no stone unturned to support and participate in the movement for justice in the country.

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