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It was the first time any political party in Pakistan held intra party elections at national level to build a true democratic party. However there were issues in the party elections, and since it was the first time some people were able to manipulate the elections to score important positions in the party. Which later led to allotting tickets to wrong candidates in General Elections 2013

Today Imran Khan made the announcement to dissolve all elected bodies of PTI to prepare for the next party elections. The interim setup will prepare the party for the elections. The interim setup consists of following people.

1- Ch. Sarwar (Punjab)
2- Dr. Arif Alvi (Sindh)
3- Yousuf Ayub (KPK)
4- Humayun Jogezai (Balochistan)

Main issue with the previous intra party elections were the membership campaigns were run on different mediums and the membership data was not synchronized, hence created duplicates and a lot of bogus data was added in the system by PTI people. Another problem was that a big majority of people in PTI were not happy with the elections, those who already had some designations did not want to lose it. Most of them thought Imran Khan will never be able to conduct party elections. But Imran Khan did it and when he did, these people tried to manipulate it and were successful in doing so. We suggest in the next elections, if anyone found using any unfair means should be disqualified to participate in the party elections.

We hope the new intra party elections will bring the real representative of Insafians all over Pakistan. We urge all PTI members, voters and supporters to fully participate in the party elections and do not let the opportunistic win the elections.