Never before in the history of Pakistan, any government worked to get back home Pakistanis who were imprisoned in foreign countries. Most of these ended up in jails trying to find a better life in other countries and agents promising them a safe border crossing.

The first batch of Pakistanis to be freed were from the Saudi jails and now 320 are freed and returning from Malaysian jails. A special aircraft was sent to bring them back home. Before Imran Khan the special aircrafts were only used for the ruling elite and their families and never for a common citizen.

Pakistan Bait-ul-Mal paid for all the expenses to bring the Pakistanis back home.

Imran Khan is giving a new life to Pakistanis who had no hope to ever see their families again. He is reaching out to friendly countries and requesting them to free his countrymen. That explains that he is the one who cares for the poor people and he is here to help his people, not loot them like previous rulers. It was simply not possible before Imran Khan.

Following in Imran Khan’s footsteps the Punjab government is also releasing prisoners this Eid who had small fines to pay but they couldn’t and were in jail from a long time. The government is paying their fine and putting an end to their misery. This Eid they will be with their loved ones back home.