Khan Sahab is in Lahore today, moving in a rally started from Lahore airport to multiple membership camps setup in the city. We always loved Khan for cricket and then Shaukhat Khanam – we worked for it and collected donations and so on. But then it appeared Khan Sahab was not fit for Pakistan politics because he was too clean for the dirty game. But he did not give up and in 2011 when we had Zardari as president and Nawaz getting ready for his turn while showbaz was looting in Punjab – the nation went to Imran Khan seeking a way out of this PPP & PMLN tag match where both parties were looting the nation.

We have not seen a more committed, dedicated and fearless person even in our lives. Ask anyone, give us any example of any 1 leader like Imran Khan today in the whole world. There is no one like him.

He dedicated all his life, all his assets and sacrificed all he had for Pakistan.

We welcome Khan Sahab today in Lahore and will be updating this page with new photos and videos of his rally in Lahore today and tomorrow.