Contrary to all the predictions by Imran Khan’s opponents of his declining popularity PTI successfully and bravely held another massive public gathering at Minar-e-Pakistan on March 23rd the Pakistan resolution day and now also the Naya Pakistan resolution day. We are not an expert of counting the number of people in such large gatherings, but one thing was obvious that a very large number of people were present there to listen to the leader of change in Pakistan.

We observed highly motivated and charged youth travelling towards Minar-e-Pakistan on bikes, cars, and busses. They were chanting slogans of change and end of corruption in the country. The weather was cloudy, it sometimes rained a little during the day. It felt like nature was also engaged with us and was testing our patience and courage to be there out of our homes on a cloudy day for PTI. But tough conditions could not demotivate Imran’s tigers even when the wind was harsh and it was hailing. .

Roads around Minar-e-Pakistan were packed and it looked like the ground has no boundary. The whole area was overflowing with people gathered for the great Khan. It took us more than 1 hour to get inside the Jalsagah and at one point we thought there is simply no more space inside. However we did manage to get in there after some struggle.

No doubt Khan Sahab has proved his political wisdom and strategy to empower PTI to rebuild Pakistan. This Jalsa will be remembered in the history as the day when PTI proved to be the true representative of the people of Pakistan. A fully democratic party, with the vision, policies, passion and patriotism. PTI jalsas are a great source of energy and passion, I wish if Khan Sahab can do these more often.

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