PTI held a record breaking public gathering in Sargodha today

After successful public gathering in Islamabad followed by a rally in Karachi. PTI stuns its opponents with a mind boggling crowd at Sargodha Jalsa. Time is proving that PTI popularity is increasing all over Pakistan and its not just an urban party. The people of Pakistan are tired from the corrupt system and old parties looting Pakistan turn after turn from decades. Imran Khan’s consistency and commitment to stand against corruption is now being celebrated by the nation. We see him as the only real and true leader we found after Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Some people still don’t understand Imran Khan that his actual mission is to unite the nation and make them stand for justice, accountability and rule of law for everyone without any discrimination. By continually denying the people of Pakistan their rights, the government is actually helping Imran Khan make more and more people aware of their rights and obligations for Pakistan.

Imran Khan’s full speech at Sargodha Jalsa