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Sharif family failed to provide any evidence of property purchase in UK

Imran Khan was the first politician to raise the issue of illegal assets and corruption. He kept demanding all political leaders to declare their real assets but they always made fun of him saying everything they own is already declared. The truth revealed itself with Panama Leaks and Sharif family got a prominent place in the leaks. Not only Nawaz Sharif’s name was there but also his picture along with his two sons and the daughter. When Imran Khan raised his voice for accountability of the Prime Minister, ruling party started accusing Imran Khan of buying a flat in the UK as well. In an effort to level their corruption with Imran Khan and somehow pressurize him to stop pursuing Panama Leaks. Imran Khan purchased the flat when he was playing cricket in the UK. Most importantly his flat was never a concealed asset. He never denied owning the flat and it was also declared as his asset for as long as he owned it.

Imran Khan sold the flat and through proper banking channels transferred the money to Pakistan. While Sharifs failed to give track of even a single penny.

Imran Khan submitted certified record:

$75K KerryPr
$50K AusCounty 
£190K W’shireC
Total income £350K aprx
+Additional Sussex letter
Flat cost=£117K

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