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Imran Khan Speech Transcript

I first and foremost want to thank and welcome the youth, the elderly and especially the women who have come forward here today. Thank you for this grand welcome. Sheikh Rashid said that the people of Hyderabad have won his heart; you have not just won his heart but mine too! People of Hyderabad, listen to me with focus today because I don’t get an opportunity to speak to you often. My people of Sindh, I want to start my talk today by talking about our religion which tells us that no nations fate is changed till that nation does not try to change its own situation. If a nation is being suppressed with injustice, it will never rise or be free of it till it does not struggle on its own. This kind of a Jihad is mandatory for us; to stand in the face of injustice. The injustices being inflicted on you people of Sindh, believe me… when I was coming from the airport, I have never seen so much rubbish in any other part of Pakistan that I have seen around here today. I have not seen so much filth and pollution. 21 years I have spent roaming Sindh; believe me your situation has become worse not become better. This is why I am here to ask you for a promise; that I will fight the tyrants of Sindh and you have to support me in this. Sindh’s biggest illness is Asif Zardari. Since 30 years; since before he came into politics…. he used to sell Bambino cinema tickets in black. His father used to have 150 acre lands; today he is the owner of over 1 Lakh acres. He owns 19 sugar mills, palaces in France and London… hotels in London and other places. He stole your money and he took it out. Him and Nawaz Sharif; what they have done to this country… no enemy of Pakistan would even be able to do the damage they have inflicted. They destroyed the institutions; if they had not destroyed them they wouldn’t have been able to make money. If NAB and FBR worked properly they would have been caught; if FIA functioned properly, they would have been caught. If our judicial system had previously worked the way our Supreme Court worked now for Panama, they would have been in jail. They destroyed the institutions and made money and there was no one to catch them. They did a muk muka in the name of the charter of democracy, and today we have been left behind in all of South Asia. 30 years ago we were the most prosperous in this region; ahead of India. When Bangladesh separated from us they were behind us but today even they have left us behind. Meanwhile the families and children of these corrupt people became some of the richest people in the world. So promise me here today that we will also go after Zardari and make sure he is sent to jail as well. Now listen to me carefully; if InshAllah our government makes it to Federal and in Sindh; what will we do for you? We will bring a system and policies where those who work hard will rise in the system. Why do people get visas to go abroad and search for jobs? Why don’t they get jobs in Pakistan? Are they distributing money abroad? No, they go because when they work hard they atleast earn accordingly when they go out. The system we have in Pakistan; the ones who work the hardest…. the farmer, the labourer, the entrepreneurs…they never get the fruits of their hard work. Meanwhile who gets rich? The children and families of these corrupt. I want to ask Bilawal; what is this hard work that you did that you became head of PPP. Have you ever worked a day in your life? You talk of changing this country…. what experience do you have In public service? My young people here; when you go for a job interview…. they ask you of what experience you have. Bilawal have you even worked one day in your life? Give me one part of the country where you have walked even 1 km on foot. You come to Pakistan to do politics; but watching old ZAB videos and trying to mimick his talking style does not make you a leader. Hard work and a struggle makes you a leader; your grandfather went village to village. He worked hard. You’re telling us today that PPP will bring these changes, but tell us one thing you have done in 4 years as chairman ppp in Sindh? Have you once asked your father once where he got his money from? Did you ask your aunt once why jobs are sold in Sindh? Who makes money off these jobs? IG Sindh also gave a statement that how can I fix Sindh police when under me the officers have been appointed on paid jobs. From DIG to SP; those who give money and get positions in the police… who do they then get their money back from? FromThe awaam. That’s who they loot in return then. Madam Faryal Talpur; tell us…. the jobs sold in Sindh…. who makes money off of them? I ask again from Zardari and Farhan Talpur… how much money will be enough for you? How much more money will you make? Do you not know we all have to go to our graves eventually? The people of Sindh have been destroyed; from the farmer to every weak section of society…. so when will your hunger for money be enough? InshAllah in the coming days, like I promised I will keep coming to Sindh to make the people of Sindh ready to fight this tyrant who has used Sindh police against its own people. Who uses local thaanas to take revenge from people. What he has done, InshAllah we will make sure we take this journey of accountability to its rightful end. We will bring that system in Sindh that will be on merit. The school system in KP; where only 50 percent of schools had teachers… today 100 percent schools have teachers. 150,000 children have gone back to government schools. The children of the poor study in government schools; till we don’t fix those schools these children of the poor will never get opportunities. What of the 2.5 Crore children out of school? What will they become when they grow up? Our society never gave them opportunities. We will make such a system that a government school child will have the skills and opportunities to even become prime minister one day. We will fix the hospital systems; both these status quo parties have been in power for three decades… they have not been able to build one hospital where they themselves can be treated, they all go abroad to get treated. If in six terms they could not make one hospital where they could get treated, so what will they do now. One skmch that was made in Lahore; I was treated both times there. Once my stomach was operated on and once when I had my fall. I was treated at skmch both times. We are building the new skmch in Karachi on the main highway which is the third skmch. I tell the people of both Sindh and Baluchistan that they will not have to go anywhere else for cancer treatment; if you are poor you will be treated for free. Neither do you get clean drinking water, nor do you farmers get water for their lands. I promise we will make policies to eradicate poverty; we have halved levels of poverty in KP since the time we took power there….5 times more than Punjab. This was our first term there; these people have taken six terms and the only people whose poverty has decreased is their own. In six terms they couldn’t fix eduction, health and most importantly the police system. We have a model police in KP now so why couldn’t they do it? Because they don’t want to do it. We will make sure you are rid of police brutality; and that they stop harassing the common man and put the big dacoits in jail. In the end I want to talk briefly about The NA120 election in Lahore; you will remember that when ZAB resigned from Ayubs government… he went straight to Lahore. And this constituency was won by PPP three times. In this election, PPP got only 1500 votes. This is what Zardari reduced a national party too. And the campaign that happened here; Nawaz sharif campaigned against our judiciary on GT road with his “Mujhai Kyoon Nikala”. They campaigned against the army; him and his daughter Maryam. They asked people to come and vote against the judiciary and then again attacked the army. So now there should be no doubt who is talking Modis language and who is involved in a conspiracy against our army. And now Nawaz Sharif and Altaf are both together conspiring in London. But InshAllah Nawaz sharif even your time is over. Altaf Hussains time is already over; and now soon Zardaris time will be over. I see a great era ahead. If N leagues vote bank decreased by 30 percent in their heartland; with their biggest MNAs to the LB system, election representatives on their payroll… if it still decreased by such a massive margin… it is time to say bye bye to their politics. Now all their children are getting ready for politics; from Maryam, to hamza and bilawal and the rest… is this all Pakistan is left with? No; their time is over. Till I am alive I am here to fight for you; and together we will make our Naya Pakistan InshAllah!