Imran Khan is flying over Mansehra today to view and access the damages caused by the timber mafia. The forests in Pakistan are shrinking rapidly because of the timber mafia operating freely from Gilget Baldistan to Muree and KPK. Pakistani timber mafia consists of organized gangs that work during the nights and cut the trees from state owned forests. Since governments of Pakistan do not take any actions against them, the environmentalists are hopeless to save these forests.

All five proviences of Pakistan have their own laws to protect these forests however these laws just like others are totally ignored. And there is no doubt that these timber mafias pay the rulers for ignoring these laws. But we have a hope, thats Khan. He is here to change things and he is taking notice of this criminal act at least in KPK. Its never too late to get started.

We observed a few days ago that people on the social media were complaining about Timber Mafias operating freely in KPK. We are so proud of our leader that he listens to his workers and takes necessary actions.

Imran Khan Twitter Message about Timber Mafia