The news of Ch. Sarwar joining PTI was circulating in the media ever since he resigned from the Governorship of Punjab. Finally he joined PTI after a formal invitation from the chairman PTI Imran Khan. In a joint press conference both spoke about the missing justice and merit in Pakistani democracy.

Khan Sahab expressed his joy and pleasure to welcome Ch. Sarwar to PTI and made following statements:

Chaudhry Sarwar was a British Politician who knows the Labour party from the inside; He worked closely with Tony Blair.
Our party grew so fast after 2012, now we have to make it an institution. We are working on our constitution and structures.
I request to Chaudhry Sarwar to help us organize, and build our structures, constitution. This is a science that he is experienced with.
Chaudhry Sarwar is a Pakistani who is a self made man; I really respect self made people.

At the occasion Ch. Sarwar made following important statements:

In my 40 years of political experience I have seen that united parties win elections, divided parties lose,” said Sarwar, adding that Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf has potential because of its unity.
We want to create a Pakistan where there is education and where the masses can get the justice they deserve.

Some part of the media would criticize Imran Khan on all his moves, no matter what he does. However a big majority of PTI welcomed Ch. Sarwar and appreciated his resignation from the Governorship. However some PTI workers said that Ch. Sarwar should not be given any main position in the party. This is a reaction after the incident of Javaid Hashmi leaving PTI at a critical stage, after when he was awarded the position of party president.

Just like Imran Khan we hope to see the positive side of Ch. Sarwar and we wish him all the very best working with PTI for Pakistan.

Imran Khan Video Welcoming Ch. Sarwar to PTI

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