Monumental moment in the history of Pakistan. Corruption and its monster of crime finally being caged. ‪The struggle of one man Imran Khan long time ago finally has become the voice and conscience of the nation.

Imran Khan was the first politician to raise the issue of illegal assets and corruption 20 years ago. He kept demanding all political leaders to declare their real assets but they continually made fun of him saying everything they own is already declared. The truth unveiled with Panama Leaks and Sharif family received a prominent place in the leaks as a number of undisclosed companies holding premier properties in the UK. Not only Nawaz Sharif’s name was there but also his picture along with his two sons and the daughter.


Imran Khan’s Media Talk After Panama Win

Imran Khan thanked Allah for the success in Panama Case and said a man can struggle but success is granted by Allah only.

Aljazeera Report on PM Nawaz Lifetime Disqualification



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The Sharif family tried their best by abusing government resources and powers to silence Imran Khan but failed. Imran Khan started nation wide protests and rallies giving public awareness on the plundering of national assets.

The whole nation was on a stand still waiting for the court verdict anxiously. After months of proceedings, JIT investigation, and all the drama on the media, the prime minister Nawaz Sharif was disqualified and cases were registered against him and his family on corruption charges.

We celebrate this decision by the Supreme Court Pakistan and we are proud of the brave and honest officers of Pakistan who investigated into Panama Leaks and discovered the undisclosed!