This debate is going on for sometime inside and outside PTI after PTI got immense public support in their public rallies across Pakistan. The debate is about who will or can bring the change promised by PTI for Pakistan with Imran Khan. Are they the pioneer PTI members (old) or the new entries in the party? Or will they be youth or the experienced politicians?

PTI members come from a wide spectrum of professions and age groups. From young children to aged men & women, everyone consider PTI their own party. People from all walks of life, doctors, engineers, media, IT and many others sectors have joined PTI in large numbers. Some of the most experienced politicians such as Makhdoom Javed Hashmi, Pakistan’s top business icons like Mr. Asad Umar, & many pioneer PTI members such as Saif Ullah Khan Niazi are playing vital role for the party.

The Chairman Imran Khan has all the options, he is being honest with himself & the nation and instead of selecting people on his own. He has announced the party elections. It can’t be just one segment or group of people who can bring Pakistan out of crisis. We can not declare any one specific group trustable. I think if there is anything which can help and guarantee success for PTI and Pakistan. That is a solid and foolproof party system. A system is what we need and should trust. With all due respect to all the great people we have in PTI, they all want to have a system as well and not fighting a war for themselves. Its a war for Pakistan, to free our country from the crisis we can’t survive any more!

This is what inspires me most about Imran Khan, his vision and approach. These party elections will prepare the party and settle down most of the issues, such as who is getting tickets for national elections. Besides it will be done using a system, and even the Chairman Imran Khan will not be giving anyone priority. It will be a start of a new beginning for PTI and as per the vision of Imran Khan, all of us together can take the party to the next level.

Good aspect of all these grouping and divisions is that it has created a competition between everyone. The competition itself will enable all PTI members and supporters perform better. Since PTI is not a family party, and the chairman Sir Imran Khan has no plans to make PTI his personal property. PTI will be a pure democratic party and will InshAllah become an institution. It will be an example for all old parties which they can’t copy as they are not original.

A strong party system will guarantee us all that PTI will meet its objectives in both short and long term. Continues party elections will make the party robust. It will not be possible for anyone to glue to his position without performance. Secondly anyone, who want to serve Pakistan can join the party and reach the top with dedication and hardwork. So it will be a mix of people, people from all segments of society and professions will form the final Imran Khan team to build a new Pakistan free from corruption and dishonesty. A patriotic government after many decades which will serve the nation.

Your opinion and feedback will be appreciated.