India is continuously violating working boundary and has martyred hundreds of Pakistani civilians living in towns facing the Indian border in last few years. While they call us Pakistan a “Terroristan” in the UNO and are completely on the front foot against Pakistan on all forums. Sending agents like Kalboshan Yadav to Pakistan, supporting terrorists in Baluchistan and other parts of the country. India is in an aggressive mood while our leaders are busy trying to protect their corruption and looted wealth. They have no concern with the people dying in Pakistan or on the borders.

India calls Pakistan Terroristan in UNO

Speaking at the UNO Indian representative not only called Pakistan Terroristan but also declared occupied Kashmir as integral part of India.



Today again, on the World Peace Day India once again fired at Pakistani civilians killing 6 and injuring more than 26 in Chappar/Harpal/Charwa Sector.


India is able to take these steps against Pakistan only because we have people in power who prefer business & personal benefits more than national interests, integrity and safety. Once we have PTI government in power, you will see how we will stop Indian aggression on all levels and platforms. To answer India we need Imran Khan.

PTI Leader Usman Dar condemned this cowardly act