Insaf Professionals Forum Event Highlights


IPF summoned its professional members today in Lahore for a meeting with the leader of the nation Imran khan. Doctors, engineers, businessmen, teachers, lawyers and many others joined in large numbers to end large scale corruption and looting of rulers in Pakistan. At the occasion Dr. Yasmeen Rashid, Andleeb Abbas, Shah Mahmood Qureshi and Imran Khan addressed the gathering. The focus remained on corruption and how it’s keeping Pakistan behind all other countries in the region. How corruption is based of most major problems in the country including economy, health, education, business and other sectors.  All of this was presented based on pure facts from world leading organizations and on-ground situation in the country.

There is no point of return without Nawaz Sharif’s accountability from Islamabad. Imran Khan

“We will block all major roads with hundreds of thousands of Pakistanis who want an end to corruption. PTI team is making appropriate arrangements to manage all this and everyone should participate for a better future of the whole nation.” Imran Khan

Professionals expressed complete support and solidarity with Imran Khan and it was a good event to connect with professional community and take them on board for the movement of justice and accountability. Justice delayed is justice denied and it’s too late already. People want rule of law for everyone, we think Imran Khan’s Islamabad lockdown is going to be a huge success and game changer for Pakistan.