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I have signed up for Insaf Professional Forum of PTI. I think its the best platform for people like me to officially engage with the party and give our input.

Khan Sab speech was started already when I reached the hall. Hotel car parking was jam packed and I had to park the car on the next block near Alhamra. The ceremony took place in Avari Lahore.

I am glad this speech had some new additions to what generally Imran Khan tells the nation. May be its our faulty media, that they ask same things so many times that one has no choice but to repeat himself, if the person stands on the same stance. My leader, and yours, Imran Khan has always stood by his words. His stance is very clear, politics for people of Pakistan, for the 1st time after Pakistan made. We are lucky to have him.

Imran Khan asked the professionals to play their role to help restore justice and human rights in Pakistan. He said professionals have more resources, knowledge and ability to perform better than other citizens. He talked about the current regional situation. Also he gave information on the party evolving to become an institution. We wrote about the PTI party election earlier and Imran Khan declared this a tough step. He said PTI is committed to do this before general elections in Pakistan.

I really look forward to see IPF establish and will love to participate with other professionals on the forum.