ISF held a successful PTI membership drive event today at Royal Palm Club, Lahore. More than two thousand volunteers showed up at the event for registration. Chief guests were from Pakistan media, Hassan Nisar and Mubashar Lucman. Both of them shared their independent opinion on Pakistan conditions and urged everyone to work for the country to bring it out of the crisis. Participants of the event were all charged up and altogether it was a wonderful event. It proved that the youth of Pakistan is ready to take back Pakistan from the incompetent and corrupt people.

Key personalities at the event were Farrukh Habib, Usman Gujjar, Ibrar-ul-Haq, Andeelb Abbas, Rafi Khan, Mubashar Lucman, Hassan Nisar and hundreds of ISF boys and girls. ISF is to conduct large scale on ground member registration activities, with the help of 1500 to 2000 volunteers in Lahore. The same membership drive will expand to other cities soon.

Volunteer for ISF Lahore PTI Member Drive. Type ISFLV and send SMS to 9900

Some pictures and videos from the event are given below to share with you the event happenings.

Hassan Nisar Speech

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Mubashar Lucman on Fire

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Some photos of the event