Inqilab Rally Video Highlights

ISF rally started from Zaman Park and ended in Interior Lahore known to be the stronghold of PMLN. ISF tigers were raged over the killing of the Tabdeeli Razakar Wasiq in Rawalpindi. They recorded their protest and challenged PMLN that PTI will take action against their corruption and of the corruption of PPP or anyone else. Now is the time to enforce law and order in Pakistan, and leave no one above the law!

ISF leaders who took part in the rally were Gulraiz Iqbal, Hassan Khan Niazi, Zubair Khan Niazi (Candidate PP140) Malik Waqar Ahmad (Candidate PP142), Muhammad Kamran, and thousands of other zealous ISF tigers marched in the streets of interior Lahore for hours! Other prominent personalities at the event were Dr. Semi Bukhari, Mrs. Rafi Khan, Rafi Khan.. ISF girls leadership also participate to their fullest in this rally.