Today is the ISF foundation day (14th November, 2007) and we would like share our experience working with ISF Pakistan. ISF without a doubt most peaceful students wing of any political party. Imran Khan’s only condition to establish a students wing was that ISF will never pick up arms and will remain peaceful. Imran KHAN never formed a political wing for students in the early years of PTI. Finally during Musharraf era Imran Khan went to Punjab University to mobilize students and ISF was formed on 14th November 2007.

We have seen PPP’s PSF, PMLN’s MSF, Jamat-e-Islami’s Jammiat and other groups. All these student wings are armed and involved in different criminal activities. The power of the youth have been misused by the politicians and they used the young blood for their own gains and spread violence and kalashnikov culture in the colleges and universities. Number of students and teachers were murdered during the so-called political era of 90’s when PPP and PMLN ruled the country.

Famous student leaders like Atif Chaudhry and many others were first used by the politicians and later they murdered these student leaders using the punjab police. However we have experienced ISF to be totally different. We have never seen such politically aware student wing, organized, well disciplined, unarmed, and passionate to end crime and corruption from the country.

Most of the pioneers of Insaf Students Federation are still taking part in active politics and were given a chance to compete in the general elections of 2013. Some key names are Farrukh Habib, Usman Gujjar, Hafiz Farhat and many others. One of the founders of ISF is Hassan Khan Niazi who is also a nephew of Imran Khan. How can we forget Murad Saeed from KPK who is another ISF leader who is now in the mainstream on merit.

Chairman PTI Imran Khan praised the hardwork of ISF at a number of occasions and called ISF the backbone of Pakistan Tehreek Insaf. ISF is playing a vital role in PTI politics and are working on the front lines in all PTI protests, election campaign, membership drives and other PTI campaigns.

We wish ISF all the very best for the coming years and we are very hopeful that ISF will play central role in the success of the party at all levels.

Important Tweets on ISF Foundation Day

Farrukh Habib, President ISF Pakistan

Imran Khan about ISF on its Foundation Day