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Together We can Change Pakistan – Join PTI

If you want rule of law, justice and an end to corruption in Pakistan, consider yourself a part of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf. As per Imran Khan’s vision together we can bring the badly needed change in the country. Our ambition and goal by joining PTI is to make Quaid & Iqbal’s Pakistan and end the decades long looting, corruption and crimes of the ruling elite. Join PTI and be an active member to play your role as a citizen of Pakistan.

Different Methods to Join PTI

Unless Pakistan has a fair government, none of our problems will be resolved. Becoming a member of the party is very simple and there are multiple methods to sign up with PTI.

  • Simply Send SMS to 90088 with your city and name.
  • Visit and sign up online to become a member
  • Locate a PTI office in your city and sign up by filling up membership form.
  • Sign Up Online at to become a member of PTI Supporters Network
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What to do next after you Join PTI

Many people ask us how to start working after they are a member of the PTI. Since we were getting this question over and over again we have built some information and ideas for you to start working.

New Member Activities


Help us spread the message of change - Share with your friends