trp-passionOn this fine evening of 5th April, 2013 – Friday – Imran Khan summoned its Tabdeeli Razakar’s at Alhamra Qadhafi Stadium to take oath to work for PTI to save Pakistan before the elections and specifically on the 11th May Election Day. TRP will play the most important role for PTI in Election 2013.

Thousands of Razakar’s came up to attend the convention and take oath to volunteer for PTI on an SMS notification. Although the Razakar’s belonged to different age groups but the majority of youth was clearly visible. The passion and energy was something which none of us had experienced before in Pakistan politics. It indeed looked like a new type of politics, very different than what we generally see by the old parties in Pakistan.

Video Highlights of the Event

Watch it yourself to believe that change is not coming its already here!

During the convention youth Razkaars chanted slogans against corrupt governments of Pakistan. Who have ruined the country and still trying to get another term by hook or crook. But the major obstacle in their way now is PTI and its Tabdeeli Razakar’s who are committed to put in all efforts to make sure maximum people get out to vote on Election Day and also stop any type of rigging attempt. PTI will train the TRPs before elections and will prepare them for the Election Day.

Two hundred thousand Razakars have already joined the program from all over Pakistan. The target is Eight hundred thousand razakars. So we request everyone out there to be a part of this change in Pakistan and invite your friends & family to join the TRP program as well.