Today PTI held its protest against rigging of Elections 2013 in the economic hub of Pakistan, Karachi. The city saw a complete shutdown of markets, offices and traffic as Insafians came on the roads to protest against stealing of their mandate in Election 2013 and also to demand the formation of a judicial commission to investigate Elections rigging.

The protest was held in different places in Karachi and was completely peaceful. There were no violent incidents reported as Karachiites responded to the call of Imran Khan for a peaceful protest. The demonstrations at different roundabouts were led by different leaders of PTI including Naz Baloch, Arif Alvi, Khurram Sher Zaman, and others.

Imran Khan was shown overwhelming love in Karachi as his car was surrounded by fans from all sides at Nursery Karachi and people were thronging just to catch a glimpse of their beloved leader. Due to this love and enthusiasm of Insafians, Imran Khan came out of his car and stood on his car’s roof and addressed the crowd from there, amid huge cheers and applause.

Karachi was not closed for the first time, it happened many times in the past. But this was for the first time that common people came out to close Karachi instead of “namaloom afrad”. Not a single bus was burnt, no shops and buildings were damaged, a completely peaceful demonstration proved that Karachi rejects violent and criminal elements in Pakistan politics. The complete shutdown of daily life in Karachi shows that Pakistanis are united in their demand for an independent and impartial judicial commission to probe Elections rigging in 2013 and PTI’s tsunami cannot be stopped by force.

Post By: Sania