Finally after almost two years of struggle, protests, and marches, election tribunal declared the elections held in NA125 null and void. This judgement came after Hamid Khan’s petition and findings of large scale irregularities during the elections in the constituency. Only seven out of 265 polling stations were found satisfactory. Means the result of 256 polling stations were fabricated and not accurate.

We experienced massive voters turnout on 11th May 2013 elections and the voters themselves started to protests after the unexpected result was announced. Even PTI candidate Hamid Khan and Hafiz Farhat were not present at the protest when it started. PTI voters and protesters demanded a “re election” even then and challenged PMLN to win the elections without rigging if they really have the mandate.

Khawaja Saad is continually denying charges as usually and claiming that the verdict of election tribunal is against the returning officers and not against him. And wants to challenge the decision in the supreme court. Pakistanis on social media are also talking about the statement Khawaja Saad gave after 2013 elections that he will leave politics if rigging found in NA125. Mr. Kanwar Dilshad on Samaa tv stated that Khawaja Saad has lost the battle of NA125 and this proves Imran Khan allegations are true. Rigging is conducted by the returning officers and presiding staff just as Imran Khan described. The decision of election tribunal on NA125 will strengthen Imran Khan’s case in the Judicial Commission looking into election 2013 rigging.

Kanwar Dilshad (Election Expert) “Khawaja Saad Bazi Har Chukay Hain

Checkout the video to find out how NA125 results have proven large scale rigging with returning officers involved
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The situation is becoming decisive and as Khan Sahab always states “ Allah AL-HAQ Hay” the truth is revealing itself and it seems Mian Sahab will not be able to continue as PM Pakistan. Its just a matter of some weeks and rigging will be crystal clear.

Insafians Celebrating Khawaja Saad’s Disqualification at Lalik Chowk

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