Hundreds of people have signed up for a protest on 30th October against the orange train project which is putting Chuburgi Lahore, GOP Lahore and other places at risk. Despite criticism on Metro Train project, which is one of the most expensive Metro solution, it disturbed lives of thousands of businessmen on the route, civilians, costing us a lot of money for one bus service when people don’t even have basic necessities such as food, water and shelter. In a time when young kids often die by falling into open sewerage holes.

Now they will destroy all the newly constructed roads and will build them again using public money which they borrowed from banks and other countries. This protest is not called by PTI but civil society itself taking stand to protect Lahore heritage and is demanding from Punjab government to change the route of Orange Train to protect Chauburgi. We support them in this cause and hope that government will listen to their demands.

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