After a verdict by the judges at the Supreme court, it was PTI’s first power show in Lahore Qartaba chowk, which is located in near Muzang on 8th Sept 17′. When I heard the news that Kaptaan will be addressing the crowd, I couldnt stop my self from my self to see a glimpse of my Leader, it was something, a magnetic power that was pulling me towards the jalsa, that sure the love for my leader and to be there for the support.

When I reached the jalsa gah around 4 p.m ( I know I was there before time) I was there earlier there for a reason, and that was to get my self a place right in front, As soon as I entered inside my heart stopped for a second, only I could see, few people here and there, but I said to myself just to calm my self down, that people will start pouring in as soon as sunsets.

As soon as the sun set, a sea of people poured in, the place was choked, they were all there, to support, they were out to spread the message that are against the mafia, the verdict by the five judges had made people to between good and bad.

When the clock stroke 7 pm, the crowd got more energized, warming up themselves to receive Imran Khan, as soon as he arrived the, energy level was all boosted, all I hear screaming, and waving the PTI’s flag in their hands. I also saw the future of Pakistan their, they were over joyed to see their leader, as they could see a better Pakistan in him, these days the media has made everyone well aware, while living in this electronic world, people are awake and know who is loyal to our motherland and that for sure in Imran Khan.

After this jalsa, NA120 has decide that they are against mafia standing with Dr Yasmeen, who is working day and night to encourage people to make a wise choice o 17th Septnember

Blog by Sana Asif