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Marvi Memon Joins PML(N)

Mubashar Luqman Exposing Marvi Memon

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Marvi Memon has joined PML (N) after deliberating over which party to join for the past eight months. There are some questions that have puzzled observers on her decision to join PML (N) which are as follow:

  • Marvi Memon has said that she joined PML (N) because the party’s leadership has “promised” her that it will bring youth to the forefront and she believes that PML (N) will have participation of youth in the future. This is hard to believe because PML (N) has shown a lack of youth leadership and the only “youth representatives” in the party are Hamza Shahbaz, son of Shahbaz Sharif and Maryam Nawaz, daughter of Nawaz Sharif and they are there obviously due to their fathers.
  • Marvi Memon has said that she didn’t want to join a party that is backed by the establishment. Now this is hypocritical indeed coming from a leader who has been part of a military dictator’s government. Even if that could be ignored as Marvi Memon’s mistake, how can one forget that the party she has joined has a leader, Nawaz Sharif, who was once part of a dictator’s, General Ziaul Haq’s government?
  • Marvi Memon says that the country cannot afford “fake promises” of change and needs “real change.” Can somebody please explain how anyone can expect change from a friendly opposition party that has been in power many times already and the condition of Pakistan, specifically Punjab, is in front of everyone to see?
  • Marvi Memon says that she didn’t take the glittery and populist road and has taken the different route. But Marvi has taken the “glittery” route, one that will get her PML (N)’s ticket to contest general elections, or give her a special reserved for female’s seat ticket, and give her a major designation in PML (N) Sindh. Everything that she could wish for and which was not confirmed to be given to her in PTI. So she did take the road to personal and political gains. And her claim to have joined PML (N) as a worker without a designation is indeed humorous because she and PML (N) leadership must have decided amongst themselves that Marvi Memon will not be given any designation on her joining and it will be given to her later, on basis of her “merit.”
  • In a recent interview, Marvi Memon called PTI leadership, “flaky.” Marvi, what about Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif and other PML (N) leaders? What about their dishonesty? What about their taking people’s money in “Qarz Utaro Mulk Sanwaro” and “Baitul Maal” schemes? What about the assets and mills of Sharif brothers and the cases against them which are still pending in Supreme Court? What about Shumaila Rana’s credit card theft? What about Dost Muhammad Khosa’s kidnapping of Sapna Khan? Imran Khan has never been accused of corruption or dishonesty, how can you call him flaky?
  • Nawaz Sharif said in the press conference in which Marvi Memon announced joining PML (N) that the Chaudhry Shujaat and Chaudhry Pervez Ilahi are welcome to PML (N) if they apologize for joining hands with a dictator. Does that mean Marvi Memon also apologized before joining PML (N)?

Please bear in mind, this is not about gender discrimination at all, that a female is joining another party so she will be criticized and male politicians can do whatever they want. Not at all. This is about Marvi Memon having been so respected and so many high and lofty ideals attached to her that the reality of her joining PML (N) shocked her fans. Why couldn’t you stand alone, Marvi? Why did you need a platform like PML (N)’s? Imran Khan stood alone for 15 years with only a few loyal leaders and he is one of the most popular leaders of Pakistan today. Why did you have to take the shortcut?

Marvi Memon says she is Shah Abdul Lateef Bhitai’s Marvi. Please Marvi Memon, let that great Sufi rest in peace and don’t take his name in your politics for power and personal gains.


    • Abc
    • March 6, 2012

    u r shocked caz she joind shareef….if she joined u what wud ur reaction then????????? u all are alike mad

      • Anonymous
      • March 8, 2012

      Mr. ABC 🙂 we are shocked because she was raising slogans of change and now have joined a party which is also responsible for Pakistan crisis. 

  1. Both
    Mr. Nawaz Sharif and Ch. Shujat Hussain asking each other for
    forgiveness… But the nation asking them both to forgive the whole
    nation !!

  2. Indeed Marvi left a corrupt party and joined another corrupt party – no difference she made. I think she should ask Mr. Shareef about all the factories and businesses they have setup abroad using Pakistani public money.  

    • Salman
    • March 5, 2012

    Well-written! Just a few pertinent remarks:Re the first point, you should state that PMLN's Youth Wing leader is the 40-year old son-in-law of Nawaz, Cap Safdar. Point 2, #Nawaz was brought into politics by General Jilani and by Zia-ul-Haq whom Nawaz called his "spiritual father".  Also, PMLN was created by Zia. What higher endorsement from Establishment does one need?And you can make the write-up really robust by demonstrating how #Marvi has in the past attacked #PMLN on those issues. 
    If you can prepare a vid showing how earlier #Marvi spoke AGAINST all those points of #PMLN she is praising now, it would be great. 

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