Pakistan is going through very difficult & challenging times nowadays. The people of Pakistan are dying every day due to unemployment, terrorism, fake medicines and inflation. State institutions, such as PIA, Pakistan Railways, OGDC, Power Generation, etc. are on the verge of collapse. Total public debt of Pakistan has risen from Rs 6 trillion in June 2008 to Rs11 trillion by end of first quarter of the current fiscal year 2012, showing an increase of 82 per cent. In 2011, Pakistan ranked at number 12 in the top Failed States Index of the United States think-tank Fund for Peace.

In this time of gloom and despair, the people of Pakistan have turned to Imran Khan, an honest and upright man who has struggled alone in the political ground for 15 years to make a name for himself and his party, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, and has always talked of justice, self-respect and equality for all the people of Pakistan. Although Imran Khan’s agenda of meritocracry, taking taxes from the rich & poor alike, bringing back the looted money of Pakistan, and asking overseas Pakistanis to invest and bring their capital to Pakistan is very clear to Pakistani people who have shown their support by attending his rallies in hundreds of thousands, Pakistanis media is unable to understand PTI’s agenda. Pakistani media criticized Imran Khan by saying that his party doesn’t have an agenda and initially also stated that his party is inexperienced. Now that seasoned politicians from other parties have started joining PTI after accepting PTI’s agenda, media accuses Imran Khan of taking other parties’ leaders. So, PTI is facing unjust criticism from the media for every move that they make. Our media does not criticize PML (N) & PPP when they take leaders from PML (Q) in their parties, but PTI has to go through harsh criticism if they do the same. Additionally, PTI is being criticized in the media for their agenda of bringing change to the country while other parties like PML (N) who have also copied this slogan of PTI are being appreciated for talking about change.

Moreover, Imran Khan is the only leader of a major political party in Pakistan who comes in live political shows and answers the questions and criticism of media anchors. The other party leaders, including Asif Zardari, Nawaz Sharif, Chaudhry Shujaat, Asfandyar Wali, etc never come on live shows, preferring instead to record interviews from the comfort of their drawing rooms. If the above-mentioned leaders give interviews to any channel, the anchor seems to be intimidated by them and never questions them like s/he questions Imran Khan who has never been in a ruling party. This is indeed strange because media people should rigorously question leaders from the ruling elite who have forced our nation to new levels of poverty and corruption. A majority of Pakistani media seems to be supporting parties who want to maintain the status quo and seem to be opposing the change that Imran Khan promises. The question arises, is the media really biased against Imran Khan or do anchors have political agendas as well?