Maleeka is one of the heroes in PTI Panama Case victory in the Supreme Court.  She is one of the many inspiring professionals working day and night behind the scenes to support and assist Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf.  Our strength is the pool of such brilliant minds and kind hearts like Maleeka who are willing to sacrifice their today for the nation’s future.

Maleeka is part of the PTI legal team which fought for us in Supreme Court against the whole government machinery and propaganda.  We congratulate Maleeka Bokhari and all others in the legal team who worked tirelessly and made history.

Maleeka Bokhari’s Profile

Maleeka Bokhari's Profile


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We welcome Maleeka to the iSupportPTI platform and look forward to work together for Naya Pakistan which is actually the original Pakistan of Quaid and Iqbal.

Quaid e Azam said professionals shape up society for any nation.  They play the most important role as they have knowledge,  skills and wisdom.  It makes them more powerful and they can make stronger impact on society than others. PTI is the only party today in Pakistan which has professionals working selflessly for Pakistan.