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Amir Liaquat Joined PTI in a press conference with Imran Khan

Amir Liaquat has developed hatred for him in recent years trying to get high ratings on the tv screen and doing stupid things. That’s playing its role and many PTI workers are not happy with him joining the ranks of PTI. The media as usual has also now focusing on it and attacking on PTI. Worst part PTI split into two groups now, one opposing Amir Liaquat and the other opposing the first one. So it’s not a good situation and we hope it will be normalized in a few days. However we do not have very high hopes from Amir Liaquat and will wait and see what he is doing.

Watch media reaction on Amir Liaquat joining PTI


Before Amir Liaquat joined PTI we conducted live polls on Facebook and Twitter

We conducted two independent live polls on Facebook and Twitter asking people if they like or dislike Amir Liaqat joining PTI. Well almost 65% do not want to see him in PTI and they see a devil inside him.

While almost 35% wants to give him a chance and think may be he could be a good support for representing PTI on the media. But seems like no one is ready to accept that he is a good man.

So if PTI leadership consider the voice of the supporters they should not let this guy join the ranks of PTI.

Twitter & Facebook Live Polls

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