Decision makers are the ones who do not make a decision!

Total Voters: 321,786
Kulsom Nawaz: 61745 , 19.1%
Yasmin Rashid: 47099 , 14.6%
Other Votes: 15753 , 4.89%
Total Votes Cast: 124597 , 38.7%
Voters did not cast vote: 197189 , 61.2%

Lets first talk about the 19.1% who cast their vote to PMLN despite them exposed in Panama Case in Supreme Court where they failed to give any legal evidence of purchase & ownership of the UK flats. We also understand in the by-election ruling party manipulates and also adopts other unfair means to get votes. Some still voted by choice which is a result of 50 years of misguiding the nation with the lies of ruling elite.

The next 14.6% voted for PTI, which is coming from ground zero as a new party standing against the old ruling elite. Fighting for justice and accountability in Pakistan, PTI has made tremendous efforts and have been struggling on all forums against Sharif family. A big number voted for PTI and we assure you all our votes are original.

Then there was around 4.89% voted for all other candidates in NA120. Which is good, at least they came out to use their right to vote, which has the power to clean the assemblies from corrupt and criminals.

The biggest majority is the 61% which did not vote! They are actually the real decision makers in this political battle. Although they did not vote for ruling party PMLN their silence actually helped them win. Silence in a time when we have a choice does not make any sense and this silent voter needs to understand that they are actually indirectly responsible for allowing the criminals to come into power and loot the whole nation.

We need to spread this awareness to the people that they should not help the mafia by staying quiet. Give PTI a chance, give yourself a chance to change Pakistan. Join Us. Yes, we are about to overthrow these people out of the parliament. PTI today is the biggest party having massive original public support from Kashmir to Karachi and in the next General Elections in a neutral setup, there is no one else with a better chance than PTI. So we request all those who do not vote to realize their responsibility and invite them all to step up for Pakistan.