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Nawaz Sharif bribing media and bureaucrats to save his government

Independent media sources are reporting that Nawaz Sharif retrieved a sum of two billion rupees from State Bank of Pakistan. This money is to be used for bribing the journalists, bureaucrats, and politicians. Sharifs purchasing support for Nawaz Sharif in the current turmoil.

New facts and findings are coming in front of the public one after the other. There is a list of journalists who received money from Nawaz Sharif is also circulating online. People want answers from the government on all the accusations rather than their preaching of constitution which are they have never followed themselves. People of Pakistan want to see law breakers sitting in the parliament behind the bars now.

Do you think Sharif family can win using such unfair means and illegal tactics? Do you think people can be fooled over and over again by the same people?

List of Media Persons getting money from PM

List of Media Persons getting money from PM


Sources: Ahmed Qureshi, Jasmeen Manzoor


    • javed
    • November 28, 2014

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