How new PTI members start working?


Many people contact us asking how to join PTI and how to work for the betterment of the nation. Some don’t get any response from PTI online or SMS registration. Unfortunately, PTI does not have a fully functional members management system and because of a large number of members, they can not reply to each of us individually.

Since we are getting this question over and over again we thought to compile this basic guideline to help new members take action without waiting for anyone to guide them.

Step 1
Firstly all those who want to join PTI and want justice and rule of law in the country without any discriminations. Consider yourself as a member of the party already. You don’t need any certificates or proof of any kind. So let’s step ahead now that you are a member what to do next.

There is so much needed to be done and you have to see where you fit in best. What roles you can play and what are different activities and information you need to execute them. Following are some general and specialized activities.

General activities

  1. Build your team. Group up with like-minded people around you.
  2. Ask your friends and family to support PTI
  3. Follow official and authentic PTI news streams from social media to stay on top of all national issues.
  4. Attend public meetings with your group.
  5. Vote for PTI on election day.

starting-pti2Specialized activities

  1. Meet with your local PTI office representatives, national and provincial candidates and other PTI leaders in your area. Stay in touch with them and coordinate in any local meetings and activities.
  2. If you specifically work for any segment like students, women, youth, lawyers, farmers, labour, culture, then you should join their specific wings, for example, ISF for students, lawyers wing for lawyers and so on.
  3. Finance. You can donate to Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf or can also support your local candidates or different campaigns.
  4. Contest for Elections in a party and move on. You can contest for elections in the party and take a leading position.
  5. Research and publishing for experts from various industries and sectors to share their experience and ideas for solutions to problems.

I hope this page will help you get started with some tasks to support Imran Khan’s struggle for rule of law, accountability and a fair Islamic system in Pakistan.

Join iSupportPTI team

We hope you are already a member of our team. There are certain benefits to working with us.

  1. Work with our team and boost your performance
  2. Find friends in our community
  3. Promote your activities from our website, facebook, and twitter
If you have any questions, suggestions or ideas please come to our forums to discuss