Imran Khan’s complete speech, must watch to understand and realize what we are fighting against


Imran Khan’s speech transcript

There is a difference between a mafia and a politician. Right now Uzair Baloch has made revelations; I still urge the government to bring the JIT report to the frontline. Uzair Baloch has said that on PPP leadership orders he murdered people, meaning on Zardaris orders. The most terrifying thing I read is that when BB was martyred, there was a guard who was a witness who was killed on the orders of PPP. Do politicians behave like this? Do they get people killed? Then he reveals that he grabbed 14 sugar mills in Sindh on Zardaris orders and had them sold to him on the lowest prices and around bilawal house threatened home owners to sell their properties cheaply to Zardari. He would also collect bhatta of 1 Crore for Faryal Talpur. Is this what politicians do? This is what Mafias do and make the nation subservient. On the other side there is the sharif mafia who for 30 years have taken hold in Punjab. Where they started from small houses, today their children sit on billions. This is this nations money. They loot from this nation; they buy people or then victimise them. Shahbaz Sharif got 14 people shot in model town. Is this what politicians do or is this what mafia dons do? There is a case of extra judicial killings on Shahbaz Sharif that he has had people murdered. In 1996 a friend of mine came to me wanted me to make him meet Nawaz Sharif who I had good relations with back then; this friend said his name was on a list with Punjab police of people who were to be killed. I met Nawaz Sharif and told him take his name off this list, and I have heard you are the one who approves these names. Nawaz Sharif made his innocent face and says “really?”;then he says to my friend “don’t worry I’ll tell the police to take his name off if it is there”. This was the first time I found out that names were given to police to carry out extra judicial killings. I walked out happy my friend walked out happy that his life is saved: the next night, punjab police beat that man to death with sticks. This is the first time I am mentioning this story. This does not happen in democracy, it happens in Mafias. Our fight is not against politicians, our fight is against a mafia who get people victimised and killed. The amount they have looted and damaged this country; I can vouch that no enemy can even cause so much damage to that country. In 2008 when Zardari was president; each Pakistani had a debt of 35000 debt. After a 9 year partnership of these two, that stands at 130,000 on each Pakistani. This means that if there are 5 members to a family; there is a debt of over 6 Lakhs on each family. Our country is becoming poorer. Remember how much 1,000 used to buy you 9 years ago and how much it buys you today. The more we sink, the more the value of our money will drop and the poorer people will come. Single income households will not be able to run without taking multiple jobs. What happens when a country takes loans? You have to repay them via taxes and hence everything becomes expensive. The injustices they have inflicted; and then they spend their eid abroad, their treatment is done abroad, their shopping is done abroad so why do they come to Pakistan to rule? Zardari comes to Pakistan sporadically. What did they have outside of Pakistan 25 years go? Today they have billions and billions stashed abroad. I just want you to realise what is being done to you; 4,000 billion rupees is siphoned off via corruption on an annual basis. Out of that 1,000 billion is taken out of the country via money laundering. This means 10 billion dollars leave the county annually; when we have a shortage of dollars we have to take IMF loans who in turn put a noose around our neck and make us subservient. Russia; one of the biggest powers of the world went to destruction because of economics destruction; they ran out of money. The debts on our country, how will we repay these? By putting our freedom at stake and becoming subservient. We have to at no stake let them take our freedom away; our forefathers gave massive sacrifices to make us a free nation. These people for personal benefits have made an entire nation subservient. If you are taking loans; our women here who run homes know that if there is a difference in your income and expenses there will be difficulties and you will take loans and your self respect is diminished. Every woman here knows that this is resolved through increasing your income and reducing your expenses. I vow to you here today I will show you how we will increase revenue in this country. I am that Pakistani who collects the most money in Pakistan; every year I collect billions for the Cancer Hospital and for Namal university. We will collect money to run the country but not give it to this mafia for corruption. I will fix the FBR; who collects taxation. By fixing it by putting honest professionals in the institution; we will make sure no rich people are spared from paying taxes. We will decrease taxes but we will collect them. The biggest house in Pakistan do not pay taxes. The Sharif family are billionaires but what tax do they pay? What does Zardari pay? When your leadership and rich do not pay taxes, it is the awaam that pays taxes through inflation. Your petrol, phone cards, diesel, It is all taxes. It is the awaam that pays with their sweat and blood. That nation can never prosper when the awaam is poor and a small section of society rich. I will show you how to collect tax from the rich classes, and show you how taxes on citizens are deceased. So that labourers and farmers can have savings; they work hard all year round but have no savings because their expenses go up annually. I will make sure their expenses are decreased; we will do research and marketing for them so that there is money leftover for them. Today the big farmers sell their goods expensive, but the small farmers buys expensively and has to sell cheaply. We will make sure they have savings they can invest into their lands here; he won’t be laundering money out of the country. Secondly, I will fix the NAB which is the institution meant to keep corruption in check. If we fix NAB and catch the biggest corrupt people of the country; just imagine how much we will save? We will save 4,000 billion rupees. Do you know how much is collected via taxes? 3,500 billion rupees. Once we have a control on corruption and money laundering; do you know that just in the 4 years in Dubai how much property had been bought by Pakistanis? Properties worth 800 billion rupees. We would have never even known till this did not come out In Dubai’s registry. 800 billion rupees have left the country; who are these people? But those meant to find out and investigate themselves have properties in Dubai. Ishaq dar and his children have towers worth billions in Dubai. Will Nawaz Sharif stop them? 300 billion rupees of Nawaz Sharif lies outside of the company. This is 30,000 Crores that is lying out of the country. Or will the country’s big Bemari Zardari bring it back? The one with palaces in Dubai, Paris and London? So who will bring it back? These corrupt people who steal the awaams money, I will prove to you that we can fix all of this and collect at least 8,000 billion from this country’s rich and powerful. You will not have to beg, and there will be respect for the green passport. We will be a self confident nation, and I will never ever let you bow your heads to anyone!

Now let’s talk about Mujhai Kyoon Nikala; why were you kicked out? Because for 30 years you stole he money of this country’s people. Money meant for education, health, jobs. We will make a Naya Pakistan we will make a system where the unemployed will get benefits till they secure jobs. This is nothing new; it happens across the western world where young people are given stipends till they get jobs. If a family is poor their children get the best education so they can rise. If they are sick they get the best treatment. The government appoints lawyers to help people, they help widows. The whole concept of an Islamic Welfare state is to make policies for the poor and needy. The history of the world is ripe with examples of nations who help their lower classes and rise to become great nations. Nations that make the poor poorer and the rich richer; English medium education for the children of the rich meanwhile no teachers for schools for Children of the poor. Go to hospitals and see; there are two people to a hospital bed. They don’t have time for the nation; the drama that Shahbaz Sharif does I have not seen such big dramas in my life. If he survives a jail sentence we will send him to India to act in Bollywood of. The drama he did that if load shedding does not end in 3 months my name is not Shahbaz Sharif. Do you know how much is spent on raiwinds security in the past 5 years? 700 Crores. 2500 policemen serve them and their kids. The Peshawar Shaukat Khanum which is bigger than lahores Skmch; that is for 400 Crores. Meanwhile 7 billion has been spent on Badshah Salamats security. That country where 50 percent of your child population does not get adequate nutrition. Shahbaz Sharif made this load shedding promise 4 years ago; did you have load shedding this summer? So what should we change his name to? Showbaz Sharif. I still say let’s send him to Bollywood; he will make a great villain.

First I will collect money from the classes to be taxed; my target is 8000 billion. After that we will make all our policies to benefit the poor. The way an Islamic welfare state is meant to be and how the Muslim world rose. Unfortunately we in the Muslim world have forgotten this model state and countries like China are following those policies. China has lifted 70 Crore people out of poverty. Today they are a word power about to leave America behind. If we are to progress, it will never happen with a sea of poverty and a handful of rich at the top. We have to help our farmers, our youth, our entrepreneurs. Even domestic servants need rights; they are also treated so badly. Till we do not bring a system of humanity we will never prosper as a nation. Our religion’s history is full of examples of slaves being freed, of domestic staff being given the same treatment as our family members. We need to bring clean drinking water, we need to develop policies for our farmers, policies for our youth. We are the country with the second youngest population in the world. 70 percent of Pakistanis are under the age of 35. If we educate them, if we give them skills and opportunies we will progress at lightning speed. Are you ready for the elections? Get ready! A massive change is coming in Pakistan. InshAllah this change will overtake all these parties and their mafias and their associates like Fazlur Rehman and Achakzai. But they can never compete with the wave of change that has come within the people of Pakistan. Do what you can, you can never defeat an awakened nation.